How I can help

I'm not going to waste your time telling you why good content is essential for your business, if you've read this far then you already know that. But in a world where people are constantly bombarded by content I'm here to make sure your voice stands out from the crowd.   

With more than a decade's worth of experience spanning the highest levels of global media, content marketing, PR / communications and social media I know how to grab peoples' attention, and keep it. Whether it's writing a piece of copy that people will actually want to read, ensuring your social media presence is felt, or making sure that your press releases are actually read instead of being dumped straight into an editor's recycle bin - I know how to elevate your company above the competition.  

Need something more?

I work great on my own but I also play nicely with others. I'm used to collaborating with teams to work on large scale campaigns and have a contact book full of creatives that I can call on.  From kickass videographers to inspired designers, if there's something else you need help with then just ask, I cherrypick the best people to get the job done.